What is Junior Indoor Cricket?

Indoor Cricket
is a fun and fast paced form of the game that can be played all year round. It
is played on Artificial-grass surfaced courts enclosed by tightly tensioned
netting. The pitch and stumps are the same size as outdoor cricket

Like outdoor, indoor cricket involves two batsmen, a bowler and a team of fielders. The team who scores the most runs wins. With 8 players per team every player bowls 2 overs and bats in a partnership for 4 overs even if they get out. And because of the enclosed arena everyone is close to the action. No one is banished to the boundary as
can happen in outdoor cricket. In indoor cricket each player is regularly
involved in the action.

What are the differences between Outdoor and Indoor Cricket?

Although the basics are the same, outdoor and indoor cricket differ significantly. The main difference being in the way that runs are scored.

When and Prices

Years 5-6 Mondays from 3.45pm Term 2 & 3

Years 7-8 Wednesdays from 3.45pm 2 & 3


Cost is $100 for both terms and includes a shirt.

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